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House extensions can take a whole variety of shapes and sizes, from extending the size of your kitchen and the addition of a second bathroom, right through to doubling the number of bedrooms you currently have.  Irrespective of size, house extensions are complex jobs requiring the highest of standards and utmost professionalism.

Loft conversions

If you have a limited amount of land surrounding your property, or just don't want to give up your garden one of the best options if your looking for somewhere bigger and better to live is to invest in a loft conversion.  Even if you do have a small loft space you can consider a dormer conversion whereby we can build out from the roof to create those all important square metres.


Refurbishments can be everything from modernising a single room right through to an entire house.  For many its an opportunity to improve the house they live in, for others its about buying a run down property at a bargain and creating the house of their dreams or something to see a quick profit.  Much like house extensions, refurbishments tend to require a variety of building services and if you don't like the idea of project managing a whole variety of trades the best option is to select a building firm to do it for you.

Kitchen fitting

Kitchens are not just places to cook, but are also places for the whole family to socialise and kitchens sit at the heart of many a home.  Balancing the functionality you need with this social element is where high quality kitchen fitting can really make the difference.   


Your roof is the main defence your property has against the elements and through damage, age or neglect an unsound roof can cause damp to get in and through that decay and cause structural damage.  Roofs come in a whole range of shapes and sizes from flat to pitched, and with that comes a range of coverings and also guttering, maybe brickwork, lead work, fascia and soffits.

Bathrooms & Wetrooms

A new bathroom or wet-room can transform a house, making it more comfortable to live in, whilst adding value to your property.  Depending on your individual taste, new bathrooms and wet-rooms can exude elegance and luxury, can be restful and relaxing or can come with an ultra modern twist.  Different budgets can be tailored for with added features such as underfloor heating and energy saving pumps.

Plumbing & Heating

In addition to being an integral part of bathroom and kitchen fitting plumbing and heating specialists are responsible for the installation and on going maintenance of boilers and central heating systems.  

Electrical & Lighting

Electrical and lighting specialists can supply and fit everything from new switches and sockets, through to electric showers and will be responsible for the full rewiring of a property during refurbishments.  

Pointing & Repointing

Over time the weather can cause the mortar between your brickwork to decay and fall out.  Left untreated this can allow water to get in that in turn can cause frost damage and salt dissolution.  Aside from protecting the structure of your property a repointed house can also improve the appearance of your property.


Carpentry plays an essential role in many of the building services on offer such as providing the flooring, doors, skirting, and kitchen, but can also provide bespoke work whether that be a unique piece of furniture or a fitted staircase, built specifically to your requirements.


Whether a new build or existing property, the quality of plastering is the thing that turns a good finish into a perfect one.  In existing properties, the need for plastering comes most often when a new bathroom or kitchen is installed or changes are made to the internal layout of a property such as knocking through a doorway.  But equally can be required when old plaster begins to flake off through age or damage.